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About the Book


A Memoir on Loving Lauren

A Young Woman's Journey to the Human Spirit

By Lynda Zussman

Written in the voice of a loving mother, "THROW ME THE ROPE" is an endearing memoir about the miraculous life of her daughter, Lauren. This book is an exploration of Lauren's life from childhood to her untimely death. As a sober alcoholic, we follow Lauren's transformation from a troubled young adult, to a courageous woman celebrating the human spirit of living a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

As a Ford International Model and Life Coach, Lauren's personal guidance has helped thousands of people struggling with the challenges and hardships of life. Finding one's foundation and the true essence of living are clearly identified to overcoming any obstacle in life. Everyone knows someone who would benefit from reading this book.

"Lauren was a light force because I remember the day we met. I was struck by her joy field." Oprah Winfrey

"Lauren was a gifted healer who got sober at 18, and dedicated her short life to love and service - showing all of us how to 'live it and give it'. A breathtaking Ford International Model, she radiated pure light from within...a woman of great dignity, spirtual power and grace." Dr. Donna Gaines - Psychologist and Spiritual Leader

 "Lauren Zussman was a human angel who shared her light with the world. She inspired my sobriety, my spirituality, and my passion for life. Together we're on a mission to inspire and empower women. Lauren's angel wings will always lead the way." Gabrielle Bernstein - Author- Adding More ING to your Life.